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How a Medicaid Fraud Lawyer Can Help You

January 10 2015, 13:00pm

The government is always attempting to reduce Medicaid fraud. This means aggressive investigators are constantly looking for even the smallest infractions. You do not want to have to pay fines or go to prison because of a false charge of Medicaid fraud....

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Medicaid Fraud Lawyer

December 12 2014, 11:39am

Many individuals have gone through the terrible experience of having their Medicaid insurance billed for procedures that they did not get done. If you have somehow uncovered this and you are now getting billed for this, you may feel as if there is nothing...

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Why Should You Hire An Attorney?

November 13 2014, 08:20am

Anyone who is suspected of Medicaid fraud should consider the assistance of an attorney. This is someone who can help get any kind of sentence reduced as well as help give the proper facts in court instead of you dealing with all of the information. Is...

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