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What will a Medicaid Fraud Attorney Do for You in a Court Case?

April 12 2017, 00:59am

If you have been contacted and told you have been charged with Medicaid fraud, one of the things you may also have been told is to hire a Medicaid fraud attorney to represent you.

While these types of lawyers can be expensive, there are legal agencies that can help you find someone who will work for you pro bono. That means he will act as your lawyer throughout your case, but you will not be charged for his work.

Do you really need to hire a Medicaid fraud attorney, though, or can you get along quite well without one?

You need a Medicaid fraud attorney -- Nobody who has been charged with Medicaid fraud should attempt to represent themselves. Either during a deposition or if their case goes to court.

If you do not have an attorney working on your case, you could end up in a position where you are found guilty simply because you do not know how to navigate the system like an attorney does.

What will a Medicaid fraud attorney do for you? -- A good fraud attorney will sit down with you for several hours before your first deposition and get your side of the case.

He will then question witnesses, prepare your case and work with you so that, when you are questioned, you know how what information to give and which to avoid.

If your case goes to court, he will represent you in court, question witnesses and cross reference witness the prosecution may have. All in all, a good Medicaid fraud attorney will make sure you are completely prepared for anything that happens before you walk into a room for a deposition or a court case.

Without a medicaid fraud lawyer, however, you will be ill prepared to handle what happens, and that could mean you end up with a large fine or even jail time.

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