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Getting Help from the Local Medicaid Fraud Attorney

March 13 2017, 14:04pm

Getting Help from the Local Medicaid Fraud Attorney

Getting Help from the Local Medicaid Fraud Attorney

The best thing you can do after being notified you need to report to court over charges of Medicaid fraud is to call a lawyer. Many lawyers will offer a free initial consultation, so you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you think that you could do better on your own because you beat a traffic ticket once, pay close attention to what is at stake here before you attempt anything foolish.


When you receive that notification to appear to answer fraud charges, without legal help you are left to decide what the letter means. Hopefully you get it right because if you think it is nothing and go to court, you could lose more than just money. Your medicaid fraud lawyer can read and tell you what that correspondence means and what the court expects you to bring to court.


Try to save a few dollars and go to court without a lawyer, and before you even say anything, the judge might get annoyed thinking you did not take this case serious enough. In this case, regardless what you say, the judge could be ready to hand down a severe penalty. The judge has the ability to fine you in various amounts. The judge could decide to take away your benefits for a time or suspend them altogether. If things get severe, the judge could demand that you pay back every penny you have received since you started getting benefits.


Your local Medicaid fraud attorney will fight on your behalf so that these scenarios do not take place in court and wreck you financially for the foreseeable future.


Now you should have a better understanding why you need to be working the local Medicaid fraud attorney, make the call and get your affairs in order before the clock runs out.

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