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When a Medicaid Fraud Attorney is Essential

February 11 2017, 03:16am

If you receive notification from the courts you are under investigation for Medicaid fraud, but you know for a fact you can clear up the confusion with some documents, then that is the ideal way to go. Other than that, if you are confused, scared, or just want this to go away, you had better at the least reach out and consult with a qualified Medicaid fraud attorney.

Here are a few of the reasons you need an expert lawyer in your corner when it comes tome to fight this case.

First off, not ever case is the same, but your qualified medicaid fraud lawyer has seen just about every case in that courtroom. This puts them at a huge advantage to you trying to figure out your next move. Your attorney knows how to read that correspondence and help you to get the right information so that a favorable outcome could result.

Not doing anything and hoping you can just sweet-talk the judge is a bad idea. The courts are full of these type cases, and many judges have had enough with unprepared defendants. Go to the court with that attitude and the judge is going to make an example of you for future defendants.

Regardless how you feel the case will play out, the judge has a number of ways he can handle this case. He could hand down severe fines that impact you financially for years. He could suspend or terminate the benefits right in that courtroom. On the more extreme end, the judge could even stop your benefits and demand you pay back every penny that you have received to this point.

Your attorney is going to be your best chance of seeing a lighter sentence or having the entire case tossed out of court.

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